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Greg Doherty - Managing Director 

'I am really pleased with the increase in staff satisfaction of 20%,  as demonstrated by the UhUb

bench-marking process, and in just a 3 to 4 week period after the launch of UhUb in CCM at the start of the year.


This pioneering system has demonstrated enormous benefits for both our staff, and management. 


After a smooth roll-out, it is really pleasing to note how well and how quickly, this has been embraced by our employees. 


It’s definitely a win win situation!!!'

CCM broke records during mobilisation.

CCM started their UhUb story in January 2018 and were still very much an early adopter and, within weeks started to set new standards.

They saw their first Manager achieve 80% engagement throughout her teams in just 5 weeks, all of which were new client sites. 

Since their launch date CCM have reconfigured their manager support teams and installed a dedicated UhUb admin which has boosted their use of UhUb greatly.

Comments from Cleaning Operatives

‘UhUb has definitely placed our business on a higher playing field.’


‘ UhUb provides the necessary training requirements and gives useful tips on "how to clean". If everyone carried out the visual tasks, audit figures would rise.’


‘In addition being shown what to do, it will eliminate fatigue and make life easier for those who may suffer from the odd ache or pain.’


‘A big plus is rewarding a certificate of training, it gives recognition to an individual who has taken the time to complete their training.’


‘UhUb is a great working tool to secure future contracts, and show new employees the standards needed to maintain continuous employment.’

'Even though I was supported in my job, I feel the training has improved my knowledge even more now.'

Dangoule Ragazinskaite receives her Early Engager Award for assisting 80% of her teams through UhUb training in 5 weeks.

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