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UhUb Engaged Accreditation Logo date 201

City & Essex were our first client & set standards from day 1

City & Essex were UhUb's first ever client and as such they worked with us to overcome challenges, create early improvements to the UhUb system and our processes and, were key to the development of our reports suite.

Even though City & Essex received comparatively little in the way of a well practiced mobilisation compared to those launching UhUb today, they achieved Engaged Accreditation in 6 months from launch.

They went on to repeat that the following year and in 2019 achieved Higher Engaged, proving that they are making UhUb a key part of their business.

Then in 2020 City & Essex became our first ever non SME client to achieve Gold Accreditation. That's 90% of their entire workforce completing the UhUb Cleaning Training, which takes persistent dedication across every team to ensure the training is encouraged, completed and assessed.

Ian Hookway MD -


We had been looking for a solution to the age old training problem for years, then we met UhUb.

I first saw UhUb before they had actually launched but I knew it was something that would fundamentally change the results & expectations of training in the sector. Straight away I wanted City & Essex to be first to deploy UhUb. We were!

The impact was immediate and created a completely new dynamic around how we thought about and delivered training and, how we engaged our staff, as well as drastically and demonstrably improving our compliance.

It has enabled leaders in the Management and Supervisor teams to rise and be noticed like never before, and through the reporting suite we are able to direct our training energy to those who need it most whilst recognising and rewarding learners who complete the courses.

Our staff are more productive and engaged and, the benefits are obvious. The cleaning teams love it and our clients are so positive it has become a key part of our tendering process, with noticeable affects on wins.


The first business to receive our Centres of Excellence Award. 

In doing so they achieved 3 separate awards.

C&E Certificates 2017.jpg

Ian Hookway MD picks up a UhUb Engaged Certificate and Wendy  receives UhUb Influencer Award.

The first business to maintain UhUb Engaged Accreditation for two consecutive years.

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