JH Beukes - Managing Director

At Ecocleen we truly value our staff and provide training as a standard part of on-boarding and on an ongoing basis. We value quality training in order to deliver an excellent service and so we have implemented and championed UhUb training throughout the business.  


Ecocleen’s unique structure means that we needed a responsive and industry-leading partner with a compelling and easy to use training programme, so UhUb was the perfect fit. 

We look forward to the day that we  TUPE cleaners across that have used UhUb, safe in the knowledge that they have had the same, excellent, industry training.

EcoCleen are unique UhUb clients

Ecocleen is a national commercial cleaning business with regional franchised ownership and are our only franchise client. They are ensuring all franchisees use UhUb within their businesses posing challenges regarding training and engagement saturation that are unique within the UhUb Community.


Not all Franchisees are equal so after the initial launch, where those franchisees most keen to benefit from UhUb training were mobilised in full, the focus moved to new starters across the entire network, and through their on-boarding, steadily ensuring that over time all Ecocleen employees have received equal training, and benefit from the wider engagement ecosystem UhUb provides.

'Working with Ecocleen was always going to be an interesting and differnt challenge compared to other clients, as unlike other single or regional  workforce clients Ecocleen are effectively a network of small business owners, each influencing their business in their own way. However we can see UhUb has now become the norm in the network.'  - UhUb

Ecocleen have set up their own internal reward system that marries the UhUb Rewards neatly with their continuous staff recognition programme.

Paul Tiltman - Franchise Director

‘The UhUb Engagement System is such a welcomed training tool to now rely upon, taking the pressure off the initial stages of recruiting the right people.


Feedback from our cleaners has been very good, we are looking forward to a very long relationship with UhUb, and are excited about what further future developments hold for this as a business partnership.’