Design Cleaning - Growing with UhUb at its beginnings

Design are one of those businesses that are driven by doing things right, and their first comment to us was that they wanted to grow as a business with training for all at its core. Something that becomes more important every day in these times of infection control.

Design are a young company but everything we see of them tells us that doing the right thing will be a part of every decision they make.

‘We want Design Cleaning to grow and develop with UhUb as our training DNA, we can see the success it delivers and how it is developing in new and exciting ways as a Training, Content and Knowledge delivery system, and want to be a part of that and have our people and customers feel the benefits. UhUb is the only real option when you decide to train everyone in your business all to the same level. We are looking forward to our launch in March’

Elad Amir, MD of Design Cleaning Services UK