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In 2020 we made our promise to be Carbon Negative.

Following our Time for Action event held at WWF Living Planet Centre in March 2020, we committed to being Carbon Neutral in the same year. Four months on we ditched that idea and instead made a promise to maintain a Carbon Negative position year on year.


This has been achieved quickly and simply through partnering with Carbon Footprint who assist us in managing where our funds are spent.​

We have decided to split our CO2 Offsetting investments between Local (UK) and Global projects. 

We chose local Tree planting projects that encourages UK schools and local projects to get involved plant the trees we purchase. In addition Carbon Footprint provide a Tree Buddy system where for each tree we plant in UK they match for at a Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) project in South America, which we loved.

In addition we joined both the Global Portfolio and the Clean Development Mechanism, both of which assist communities large and small across developing countries live better and cleaner. We loved that too.

This investment in offsetting means we are never less than 1 tonne CO2 in the negative.

UK Tree Planting Scheme

Planting is a great way to help sequester carbon emissions.


Through photosynthesis trees absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and wood. By ensuring that the trees planted are native broad leaf species you can help to preserve the UK's environment and biodiversity. Planting takes place in school locations and other  biodiversity sites. All trees are high quality cell grown 'whips' (year old saplings).  

By supporting this programme not only are we planting trees in the UK we are also helping to: 

  • Provide wildlife habitats & support biodiversity

  • Plant native British trees

  • Enhance the natural UK landscape

  • Offset CO2 emissions

Tree Planting projects are paired with Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) approved carbon credits to guarantee the carbon offsetting.

This provides robust offsetting, together with all the biodiversity and community benefits that tree planting brings.

UK Tree Planting Scheme Certificate 2020

Global Portfolio VCS Carbon Reduction 

Our funding contribution supports Global Portfolio VCS certified carbon reduction programmes across the world via a range of projects that include carbon avoidance, clean and renewable energy generation.


Many are within developing countries, where they assist carbon emission reduction as well as bringing local community benefits.


All offset projects in the Global Portfolio witin which we invest are verified to the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

These include:

  • Negros Island Solar Power - Philippines

  • Wind Based Power Generation By Panama Wind Energy - India & Asia

  • Solar Project by ACME - India & Asia

Global Portfolio of Verified Carbon Redu

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects

Our funding supports Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects that have generated Certified Emission Reductions (CERs).


CDM was defined by the Kyoto Protocol to promote clean development in developing countries.


This offsetting portfolio supports sustainable development through a range of projects such as:


  • Efficient Cookstove Project - Kenya

  • NorthWind Bangui Bay Project - Philippines, Asia

  • as well as Small Hydro Power, and Biomass project around the globe.

Certified Emissions Reduction (CER) Veri
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