Comment from Richard Jones, Managing Director, GreenStone Health

“The scale of mental health issues in the workplace is quite staggering, as is the lack of access to essential education, support and assistance.


It is therefore a great pleasure to confirm our working partnership with UhUb to combine forces in providing ready access to Mental Health, Mindfulness and Wellness training and education content to entire work-forces, and to place this content at the heart of business, right where it is needed most.”

UhUb partner with Greenstone Health, during Mental Health Awareness Week 2020.


Cleaning isn’t just about cleaning and industry standards, (fundamentally important as demonstrable standards are), it’s about people!


So, we are very pleased to announce UhUb’s working partnership with Greenstone Health to deliver Mental Health, Mindfulness, & Wellness education to all our learners at no additional cost to employers. Greenstone are a team who obviously care about people as much as we do, and we love that.


Without your people there would be no cleaning services, and at UhUb we want to go even further than exceptional training coverage and recognition and provide an holistic approach to, education in our sector.


Hence, we have chosen to partner with Greenstone who will also be able to provide ongoing Mental Health services to any employer that wishes to take it up, and the shared lessons will be a foundation to that.

Because cleaning isn’t just about cleaning, it’s about people!’

Comment from Stephen Goodall Founder & MD @UhUb


‘It’s great to launch this partnership during Mental Health Awareness Week. I am personally extremely pleased as due to teenage homelessness I have suffered anxiety, panic attacks and depression throughout my life, so it’s a really lovely thing to be able to do this for all UhUb learners. I hope each and every one of them gains some small benefit from it, especially during the intensely stressful times we and our key workers are operating in.


This is an exciting development for both companies which will enable us to get Mental Health education to every UhUb user in UK.'