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Hive make a long term commitment to Staff, Service and, Planet.

Hive Cleaning  joined the UhUb Community with a long-term commitment to deliver quality whole-workforce training.

Hive launched UhUb on a Friday at 4 pm as all our clients do, and by lunchtime the following Monday had reached 55% of staff showing activity on UhUb with 19% having completed their Core Training courses.

The Hive team are developing a business based on offering a high-quality service and have taken the step to include UhUb as part of that.


Stephen (UhUb MD) says; ‘We are very pleased to be working with such a lively team and a business that has serious goals around quality of delivery, and fairness for all. Hives commitment to educating their people, acting positively towards the environment (specifically Bee’s), and their awareness that technology such as UhUb is a necessary part of making that happen, is something we find familiar to our own view, and are keen to work and grow with.’


We are looking forward to the journey!

Louis Beaumont, MD @ Hive Cleaning says;

“UhUb is a very forward-thinking tech savvy solution to training, which fits in very well with our vision and values.

UhUb has allowed us to roll out effective standardised training across the company, helping to improve numerous aspects of the business.”

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