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Jamie Wright MD @ Incentive QAS says;

“Training and the development of our staff runs deep in our culture at Incentive QAS, we always strive to be better tomorrow than we were yesterday. 

By partnering with UhUb we can now track our entire workforces progress, collate the results in real time and incentivize personal growth and progression. Historically we have promoted in-house, hands-on training, but through UhUb we can now deliver training via bite sized video’s with quizzes in multiple languages out of the box, as well as create our own unique content over time. This will ensure our teams have constantly developing, consistent training, and they can be more productive.  


The endorsement on the Cleaner Training from City & Guilds is an added bonus.”

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Incentive were searching for a leap forward in training

Incentive were searching for a leap forward in Training & Engaging their people, they found UhUb!

From the start Incentive QAS were enthusiastic about what UhUb would do for their business. Before speaking to us they had already spoken to peers about the best way to go and each time were pointed towards UhUb.

Jamie (MD) stated that moving quickly post lock down was a must so they could maximise the benefits to returning furloughed staff and be ready for the normal to come.

we are excited to help them develop their ideas on training content and to assist their staff through the tricky waters ahead.

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