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UhUb Engaged Accreditation Logo date 202

Kleen London take the view that Training is the heart of a business.

The team at Kleen London were positive from the start of our conversation. They know that as they grew Training will be at the heart of their culture and success. 

Having looked at UhUb pre 2020 pandemic but deciding to wait they saw the benefits others were gaining through the use of UhUb during tough times and as soon as there was a pause in the pandemic they took their chance and came aboard.

Its a young team at Kleen who know they want to deliver true quality, and we at UhUb will do all we can to help that vision remain true.

Paul Celashi - CEO Kleen London Ltd

During the pandemic, we have been looking at ways to help us continue to improve.


Training was an area of focus for us and we are delighted to have partnered with UhUb to deliver essential, fun and engaging content for our staff to help them carry out their work safely and effectively. 

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