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UhUb Engaged Accreditation Logo date 201
UhUb Engaged Accreditation Logo date 202

Purgo saw the benefits in sales immediately

Straight away Purgo saw UhUb as something that should be front and centre in who they are and immediately pursued ambitious goals for their UhUb experience.

Purgo demonstrated immediately how using UhUb as a core part of the bidding process created gains through wins and retentions.

Richard Felton, Corporate Development Director @ Purgo says;


This is a seriously effective game changing platform that really supports its clients.

We have set goals for each team and employee and they are all enthusiastically working towards those goals.


Well done all at UhUb for disrupting and bringing much needed change to our industry.


PURGO SUPPLY SERVICES LTD are proud to be part of the community.

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