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We have embraced UhUb as a welcome addition and enhancement to our Learning and Development Strategy.  Because of UhUb, our training team are now able to focus on assessing our colleagues skills and knowledge based on their learning from UhUb but also to focus on delivering our enhanced training modules to really ensure a highly trained workforce. 


We are really thrilled with the engagement of our Management team as evidenced by the comments from our teams on this page.

UhUb has been really well received by our colleagues with us achieving over 50% of the whole Company logged in, within the first 2 weeks of launching.  We are extremely pleased with the positive feedback we have received.

We reward those who have completed their training by offering a 6 monthly prize draw which is drawn at random. Giving our colleagues the opportunity to win different value vouchers.

We love working with Stephen and Paul as they are keen to develop UhUb further and work with us to enhance our user experience.

Gemma Bowers - L&D Director

I was really excited to become a UhUb Ambassador. I like to help people and I think when it comes to learning new technique’s it is important to help each other learn and to also help teach those around me.

The best way I found to help my teams was to sit with them and put the video’s onto a bigger screen so we can all learn and follow the video’s along together, I also gave them additional quizzes just to make sure they understood.

Emilce Guarin - Site Manager

Regular already had great training, embracing UhUb took it to another level.

When we met the Regular team we were struck by just how organised and capable their L&D team were and the level of quality training they had in place already. However they immediately saw the benefits and impact UhUb would have in the business and were enthusiastic to embrace both the UhUb learning, the Client Community and the ability to create their own content and courses.


As you can see from the comments here they very quickly began to create their own initiatives starting with Ambassadors and the creation of their own video courses.

We at UhUb see Regular being a key UhUb influencer long into the future.

Stephen Goodall - MD UhUb

I’m a bit of a Dinosaur when it comes to technology so when I was told that we were going to be using something called UhUb as an App on our phones, to be doing our training I thought “yeah right, it’ll never work, far too complicated”.  How wrong was I?


Stephen and Paul from UhUb were brilliant, they came in told us all about it, showed us how to work it and then let us get on with it. It was so easy to use even I could do it. I did a couple of modules a day and soon completed the whole lot. 


I thought I would have problems when it was rolled out to my teams but once I showed them how easy it was they embraced it and some even said they enjoyed using it and actually learnt a lot from it. I think about 95% of my staff have logged on and about 75% have completed it all in just 5 months.  In short I think getting UhUb was a stroke of genius and I would recommend it to anyone who was to ask me about it.

Paul Walton - Contract Manager

I think UhUb is a great tool and very helpful, not just to the company but also for all the users. Now we are able to improve our skills and knowledge in the cleaning area just by using an app.


As someone who encourages people to use UhUb I have realised that not only does it help improve skills and knowledge but it also helps people with difficulties using new technologies and those who have difficulty learning because it is an easy tool to use. Now they have built their confidence and they don’t feel any different to others.

Anderson Cabrera - Quality Audit and Training Supervisor

(Anderson has worked with us in a number of different site based roles and has recently been promoted to our L&D team - Regular) 


We have developed a UhUb Ambassador programme that rewards our colleagues who really embrace using UhUb and promote its benefits to their team mates. 


A UhUb Ambassador’s responsibility is to visit colleagues who need some encouragement, guidance or assistance and helps them along on their UhUb journey.  We find this gives those colleagues who have fully embraced, engaged and enhanced their UhUb experience and that of others, the recognition they deserve.  It also allows them to develop interpersonal skills and helps them to lead by example.  Which feeds in to their progression and development within our Company. 


Those who are encouraged by our UhUb Ambassadors can listen to a colleague who isn’t management and can share their concerns or resistance in the knowledge that this person is there to help them.

Gemma Bowers - L&D Director

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