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Time for Action 2020

Sustainability In The Cleaning Sector

In March 2020 we were very proud to host our Time for Action event at World Wildlife Fund, Living Planet Centre in Woking, UK.


At UhUb we structured ourselves with sustainability in mind since we began and have made it our purpose to help others to do the same.

We beleive that any small effort towards sustainability in any area adds to the whole effort within an organisation. We call this 'Sustainable by Degrees'.

As a whole-workforce training solution we are lucky enough to be able to share learning and education not just to improve productivity through skills and knowledge for all, but to share information and education on many subjects, sustainability being just one, but an extremely important one. In truth one that effects everybody, today and for all our tomorrows.


Inevitably, we soon wanted to go further and share our 'Sustainable by Degrees' approach with as many organisations and individuals as we could beyond the UhUb Community.

We decided an event was the way to do this.

So we brought together c.100 guests at the fantastic Living Planet Centre and asked influencers from across UK and EU to join us and share their stories. 

On this page you can see each of those speakers in order of appearance.

We hope you, as many who attended did, get inspired and enthused to do something to become more sustainable, if only by a degree (or maybe two).


Event Introduction

An introductory montage from the day including comments from those who attended.

Dave Carlos - Planet Mark & JustOne


'Achieving Sustainability Goals: Total value for people, planet & profit’




David shares a little of his story and beliefs on the planet and the work Planet Mark are doing with UK businesses.


‘No longer a “nice to have”, sustainability is a business imperative and a critical global issue. Your customers want action. The business case is clear. Learn how you can make a positive impact in the world, tell your customers and employees you are practically tackling climate change, and future-proof your business in uncertain times.’

Stephen Goodall - Founder & MD of UhUb Ltd


‘Sustainability by Degrees - through Whole-workforce Education’


At UhUb we believe that every action can and should add to your sustainability credentials and these actions become more worthwhile and positive if everyone in a business is educated to make the right decision and start the right discussions. Its what we at UhUb call ‘Sustainability by Degrees’.

Here our MD Stephen talks about how UhUb operates, and what can be achieved through Whole-workforce Education and Information provision.

Michel DeBruin - CEO of Greenspeed International & Chairman ISSA European Council

‘Green Cleaning Trends’


We were very pleased that Michel De Bruin joined us on the day to share not just one, but two hubTalks, where he shared his experience, insights and vision with us from both the perspective of Chairman of ISSA EC, and as CEO of Greenspeed Int.


In the first of Michel’s hubTalks he focused on his journey his experience and vision for Green Cleaning Trends in the product and the benefits.

Lauren Wiseman - Environmental Manager WWF-UK Living Planet Centre


‘The WWF Living Planet Centre, Running Sustainable Buildings and Influencing a Positive Supply Chain’


Lauren is responsible for ensuring WWF-UK minimise their environmental impacts and walk the talk on sustainability. Lauren shared how WWF-UK run their offices in an environmentally conscious way and work with their supply chain to achieve positive results.

We were delighted to have Lauren speak at our event as UhUb are regular users of the WWF Living Planet Centre for all our team meetings, so we were particularly interested in how they run, maintain and supply what is an important and fascinating building.

Gary Fage - MD Janitorial Express Eco, Director Jangro Group, Senior Warden of The Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners.


‘The Cradle to Cradle philosophy and the art of Circular Cleaning as part of a Circular Economy’


Gary spoke of his vision of the need, and route, to Accelerating the worlds transition to Sustainable Cleaning. From his varied positions Gary is well placed to see what is happening and predict future trends within our sector.


We were extremely pleased to have Gary speak from such a highly experienced and sustainability driven position in the sector. It is a fascinating insight into his vision for the future.

Richard Felton  - Corporate Development Director @ Purgo Supplies

'Encouraging sustainability action'


Richard has long been a champion of sustainability in the sector. Here Richard tells his story of discovering his purpose and shares his experience of the development of sustainability and the focus on it within the sector. 

Lucy Lloyd - Managing Consultant of Facilit8


‘Without data there is no knowledge, without knowledge there is no change.’


Lucy spoke about the importance of understanding your client’s strategy and targets to enable change and innovation throughout the life of the contract from tender to delivery and how we can use the data we collect to more effectively deliver sustainable service excellence.

It should be remembered that most speakers at the Time for Action event had never done any public speaking prior to the day, and Lucy was one of those who stepped out of her comfort zone and braved the stage in order to share her important message. We loved what she had to say and how she stepped up and said it.

Chris James - CEO Wamitab


'Sustainable Cleaning & Impact'


With over 25 years in industry education Chris’s depth and breadth of knowledge in the industry is impressive and he will provided us with a hubTalk on Sustainable Cleaning and its Environmental impact, and the Wamitab Plastics pledge, whilst calling on organisations and the sector as a whole to do more.

Michel DeBruin - CEO of Greenspeed International & Chairman ISSA European Council

‘Connect, Learn & Influence’


In Michel's second hubtalk of the day he shared his perspective as Chairman of ISSA EU and the ISSA objectives and resources and how they can assist the sector in UK to improve and grow in a healthy, innovative and sustainable way.

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