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Mara Facility had made thier decision before we even met!

Mara had heard of UhUb through friends in the industry and saw it as a must have straight away.

Their approach was methodical and thorough from launch, and they quickly became Higher Engaged in the first few months.

It was apparent from the start that once Mara committed to a thing they focused on achieving it in the best way possible.

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Click on the image to read the Mara story.

Comments from the Mara Team

“UhUb has been a breath of fresh air for us in the way we train our operatives.


It allows us to continually monitor the progress and understanding of our operatives for all tasks they will perform including Health and Safety.”


 - Marco Patoleia – Associate Director of Business

“As an Operative, UhUb really helps me with my daily tasks.


The training app allows me to review my performance and go over my training when I need to so as to make sure I am doing the best job I can.


The leaderboard process makes me want to be better and I feel really included in the company.” – Cleaning Operative

“UhUb allows our Operative to be monitored remotely whilst still feeling valued as part of our company.


The training comes in a variety of languages and offers in-depth and real world knowledge to our team, helping them to provide the best and safest service possible.” – Services Manager

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