Our Future Is In Our Hands, As Long As We Act Now

The Planet Mark is a certification programme that recognises your commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability. 

The Programme helps you to measure and reduce your carbon emissions, energy and water consumption, your travel, and the amount of waste you create. And we will help you to engage your own people in the process, to help you save money, build a stronger brand and continue to thrive. It’s straightforward and aimed at organisations of all shapes and sizes, anywhere in the world, and at any stage on their sustainability journey.

UhUb Is A Planet Mark Business

We are delighted to have received our Planet Mark certification

UhUb is an ethical business, and that means we embrace both Social and Sustainable practices in all areas of what we do.

We welcome The Planet Mark into the Cleaning & FM sector as it represents a new and engaging way to not just prove what you do, but with well laid out plans for further reductions, and the tools to help any business achieve them, its a massive step up from the same old dull paperwork processes that have existed for so long.


Check Out A Quick Guide To Improving YOUR Green Credentials

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